Nornickel’s long-term sustainability strategy looks to implement projects to upgrade the Company’s generating facilities. The upgrade will involve the launch of cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly equipment. Several projects have already been implemented in line with the upgrade roadmap.

In 2021, investments in the electricity sector as a whole totalled about RUB 30 billion, twice as much as in 2020. Going forward, Nornickel plans to ramp up CAPEX in these projects.

Case study: Ust-Khantayskaya HPP Seven hydropower units have been fully replaced. The turbine building and electrical shop of the station were overhauled. A new compressor station was built. A new automated dispatch system was designed.

The plant’s capacity has increased from 441 MW to 511 MW.

Planned upgrade projects

The upgrade programme covers the replacement of the network infrastructure in the Norilsk Industrial District. The Company is also overhauling its gas infrastructure, with plans to complete the upgrade of a gas pipeline on the right bank of the Yenisei River.

Nornickel plans to annually replace: