Electronic document management Nornickel has been developing electronic document management since 2015. As part of these efforts, the Company has put in place the Corporate Automatic Document Management and Control System (CADMCS), used by more than 23,000 people on a daily basis.
Electronic medical checkup system

Nornickel sees occupational health and safety as one of its policy priorities. From 2018, an electronic medical checkup system has been put in place across Group enterprises to gather data and monitor employees with the aim of preventing occupational diseases and work-related injuries.

Data gleaned through the system are evaluated at annual medical checkups.

Kola Division

In 2018, Kola MMC was the first Nornickel enterprise to roll out the electronic medical checkup system.

Norilsk Division

The virtual assistant Nika is a corporate chat-bot that serves as an automated interface between Nornickel employees and corporate IT services via the messenger apps Telegram and Viber. The project was launched in 2019 and is constantly evolving. Nika is currently an indispensable tool for 70% of Nornickel’s staff.

Nika’s functionality

Tapping into an in-house knowledge base to answer questions using natural language. Viewing employee data. For example, payslips, vacations and absences, service length, business trips, social programmes, and completed training. Placing inquiries, submitting applications. For example, requesting a reference from HR, submitting a question to our hotline, placing inquiries with the Administration Department. Streamlining a variety of tasks. For example, signing off on a business trip, a travel and expense report, or a KPI card, running onboarding, completing questionnaires, or signing off on a unit’s KPIs or integrated KPIs. Keeping employees up to date / notified. For example, sending personal notifications about deadlines and tasks, distributing Nornickel newsletters and other important information.
Nika’s impact