As one of the world’s largest metals companies, Nornickel is strongly committed to good corporate governance. The Company increases focus and efforts on enhancing its corporate governance framework through continuous improvements to the quality and maturity of existing governance practices.
Key numbers
Best-in-class Corporate Governance Standards
Remuneration Linked to ESG Performance: 50% of the Group’s KPI is linked to ESG performance Long-term KPIs linked to sustainability targets
Comprehensive and transparent ESG reporting Annual sustainable development reports prepared according to global reporting standards (GRI) and assured by a third party Regular communications with all leading ESG rating agencies/investors Board of Directors Committee on Sustainable Development and Climate Change has been created to oversee environmental mattes
Focus on Sustainable Development Evgeny Shvarts — Independent Director, since 2019, Member of the Strategy Committee, Norilsk Nickel, Member of the Board of Biodiversity Conservation Centre (BCC) Implementation of the new ESG-oriented corporate governance structure
Board of Directors Sustainable Development and Climate Change Committee was established Increased focus and environmental oversight over strategic initiatives; strong commitment to the environmental agenda
Senior management Risk Management Committee chaired by President Vladimir Potanin set up to improve risk controls and put environmental risks under greater scrutiny Vladimir Zhukov was appointed as a Vice President for Investors and Sustainable Development
Head Office Sustainable Development Department established to lead the transformation in line with international best practices and global industry principles New Innovations Department established to lead the development of green technologies (development of CleanTech) New Environmental Department (outside of Operations) created to improve environmental risk management and ensure independent internal oversight of environmental aspects New Environmental Inspection created as part of Internal Controls and Audit to improve internal environmental risk assessment and audit Renewable Energy Department led by Vice President for Energy set up to develop renewable energy projects Corporate Security Unit restructured to report to the Company’s President. Key objectives: working more closely with Group companies and business units across all production facilities and taking the liaison with federal and regional law enforcement agencies to the next level. The unit will also focus on monitoring production facilities, preventing incidents and implementing information security solutions
Divisions Governance over the Group’s key facilities improved, with the heads of Norilsk and Kola production units overseeing auxiliary operations The position of Deputy Director for Ecology and Sustainable Development was introduced in the Norilsk and Kola divisions Local technical and production risk committees set up to enhance local risk controls and focus on environmental matters Energy Division established, with Vice President Evgeny Fyodorov reporting directly to the Company’s President as its head
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